Silestone is guaranteed quality

Noted for their commitment to quality, Silestone is the choice for any kitchen. Durable, customisable and aesthetically pleasing; Silestone manufacture exceptional kitchen worktops and countertops.

Be safe in the knowledge that your kitchen will perform how you expect it to, Silestone comes with a 10 year warranty and is one of the few manufacturers on the market to offer a warranty that long.

Silestone is Stain Resistant

Silestone manufacture high quality non-porous surfaces, so you can have peace of mind from if you spill a drink or work on the countertop as Silestone is:

  • Coffee resistant
  • Wine resistant
  • Lemon Juice resistant
  • Vinegar resistant
  • Make-up resistant
  • Is resistant to many other household products.

Silestone is Scratch Resistant

Made from 94% quartz, one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, Silestone is exceptionally scratch-resistant.

Silestone is Impact Resistant

The combination of Quartz and the vibro-compression system Silestone have developed along with the use of elastic polymers means you can use your kitchen with ease. Safe in the knowledge that your kitchen can handle any every-day task.

Silestone is Germ-resistant

Bacteriostatic is the use of silver ions within the surface of the Silestone countertops which helps to remove and prevent the build-up of germs. So you can enjoy your work-surface, saving you time in your daily clean-up. Silestone is customisable There are hundreds of colours for you to choose from within the Silestone product range and different textures too. Meaning your Silestone fits in beautifully or contrasts perfectly. Call into the Just Kitchens' showroom today and experience Silestone first-hand.