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As kitchen designers we get asked this question almost daily, and always have to give the same answer- “I don’t know”

And that is the honest truth.

The thing about buying a kitchen is that there are so many variables involved all of which will affect the price.

For example an oven could cost anything from £300 to £3000. Then there’s the choice of cabinet finish; choice of worktop sinks and taps. Are you keeping your own appliances? And all that even before you look at the size and layout of the room.

A British kitchen could have anything from 4 to 40 cabinets and each of those can be a different shape and size and therefore cost.

The great thing, is that we have the flexibility to tailor a design to suit you, your tastes, your lifestyle and your budget. Try to come to us with a figure in mind and then chose some “Must Haves” for your project, we can then put a plan together which meets your needs aesthetically, functionally and financially!

If you are really looking for a figure then all I can tell you is that the majority of our kitchens sell between £5,000 and £25,000 depending on all the above factors and whether or not you want our full project management and installation service.

Best thing to do is get a FREE, no obligation, home survey and design, that’s the only way you can get a true cost.

Our cabinets and importantly doors, are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years, and 2 years for moving parts. This is not the longest guarantee on the market but is probably the most comprehensive.

We and our manufacturers expect our cabinets to last much longer and the majority of our components are tested in a manner which simulates average household usage over a period of 15 years. Of the 100+ German kitchen manufacturers, Pronorm are one of only a handful awarded the Golden M for furniture quality; the only recognised furniture quality mark in Germany. Beyond that Just Kitchens Lancaster promise a comprehensive care plan lasting the lifetime of your new kitchen.

We will amend any issues as swiftly as possible after being informed of them and at minimum reasonable cost to the customer.

Exceptional customer service is what we pride ourselves on, we guarantee to always do our best for you.

Our Neff appliances are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a minimum of 2 years.

Our Franke sinks are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 50 years.

People often ask these questions thinking that the thicker the carcass the better the quality which is quite untrue. To make a reasoned judgment you need to know the density and type of the materials used as well as the construction methods and QC processes.

Our carcasses are of almost unrivaled construction, every single edge of any panel or shelf is covered in a melamine laminate or vinyl lacquer as a minimum in order to resist household moisture entering and causing the materials to diminish, this even applies to the parts facing the walls!

Our cabinets are made from 16mm, low formaldehyde content, triple layered furniture board. All joints are hardwood doweled, factory constructed and rigorously tested ensuring incredible strength. Our shelves are 19mm thick with an ABS front edge (ABS is used as bumper material for cars and also in crash helmets, what better material to protect your quality cabinets?).

This protective front edge ensures your shelves withstand many years of use, tins and jars being scraped and bashed on their way in our out of your new kitchen furniture will not be an issue.

Most of our doors are 19mm thick and finished to the highest of standards with laser edged joints for our extra-tough laminates and hand polished finishes on our lacquers.

Our shelves are tested to withstand a 20kg load with our wall fixing brackets able to hold over 100kg that’s 17stones in weight. If our kitchen furniture is used as it is supposed to be and installed correctly, it should outlast almost any other product on the market.

If you choose supply only we can generally get our furniture to you 3-4 weeks from the date of order.

If you choose our full project management and installation service it will normally take a little longer. We would hope to be on site within 6 weeks. We only use a very small number of trusted fitters, through which we can carry out any job. We will do everything from building works (even knocking walls down!), to flooring and can even do decorating.

We offer the most comprehensive install on the market and pride ourselves on having the ability to meet all of our customers’ needs. Sometimes our customers like to go away on holiday and leave us to do everything, that way they can walk into the new kitchen once the project is complete and avoid the dust and noise associated with such a large home project.

We will always clean up after ourselves and remove all the rubbish. If you want the joy of a new kitchen without the stress, then Just Kitchens full installation service is perfect for you.