Whatever style you like, it’s all about the design. The best kitchens have the right balance of appliances, furniture, storage, gadgets and living space. Your kitchen is so much more than just a place for cooking, chilling, freezing and laundry.

Your new kitchen from Just Kitchens will be the heart of the home, a stylish, elegant place that you enjoy spending time in and with the right equipment, one that makes those practical everyday tasks of baking, cooking, washing and working, a little bit easier.

For smaller spaces we’ll help you decide which appliances will work best for you. A free standing fridge and freezer or something built in? Is the washing machine in the kitchen, or is there an additional space in a utility room? Do you prefer gas or electricity?

By juggling the every day appliances around, we can create that all important space for storage, draws and shelves. We can hide recycling bins and provide slide out shelves for cleaning products. You can even hang your glasses upside down, leaving the cupboards shelves free for less decorative items!


For those with the luxury of a bit more space, we can discuss islands, peninsulas, breakfast bars and larder units. Your new spacious kitchen could leave room for a lounging or TV area, a place to study or work from home, or a place to invite guests for dinner. Often in larger houses, the mundane practical appliances can be housed in a pantry or laundry room, leaving more space for a multi functional family room.

Imagine being able to cook a meal while you help the children with their homework, one where the dog relaxes by the fire and Dad reads the paper? Sounds idyllic?

It’s not a fantasy, these are the lifestyles that Just Kitchens supports.


From retro to ultra modern, we have a kitchen style to suit your home. There’s no pressure. Come into our showroom and look at the displays. Relax and choose your favourite colours. Take your time and let us help you pick the perfect materials and finishing touches. Show us pictures of things you like. Tell us about your wish list. Whatever your desire, however conventional or crazy, our designers can make your dream living space happen.