"Immer Besser" (forever better)

Since Miele was founded over 100 years ago, they have been true to their brand promise. This means are constantly striving to be forever better than their competitors and forever better than they already are. 

Miele quality

Since the company was started, the Miele name has become synonymous with quality and reliability being the only manufacturer in its sector of the industry who test there products including ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers for the equivalent of 20 years' use. Miele is a brand which instills loyalty in its customers, meaning Miele customers regularly recommend Miele to others, much like our Just Kitchens customers recommending Pronorm.

Miele technology

Whether cooking or washing, Miele stands for market leading results in conjunction with the lowest possible energy consumption. Constantly pushing the technological boundaries, Miele are always setting the standard with innovative features only available from Miele, call into Just Kitchens Lancaster and see the Miele appliances on display in our Pronorm kitchens and ask for a demonstration from our designers.

Miele convenience

The Miele range has something for everyone: from the conventional rotary control to the interface which is just like your smartphone where a couple of 'swipes' of your finger will set your appliance. With Mieles attention to detail and a hole host of convenient and automatic programmes - success is just around the corner if you're putting the washing or preparing a gourmet delight.

Miele design

Miele will compliment any Pronorm kitchen from Just Kitchens Lancaster. With such a broad and coordinating range of appliances, Miele will suit any kitchen design.

Miele service

Miele customers can be confident of receiving market leading after sales service with a friendly, professional and knowledgeable team to help from appliance instruction to a service call.