At Just Kitchens Lancaster we pride ourselves on the customer experience and the unrivalled attention to detail we apply to our projects.

The whole team have been handpicked, trained and assessed on their product knowledge and design expertise.

Our Commitment to Expertise and Experience

Our staff frequently visit the Pronorm manufacturers in Germany to gain extra qualifications and ensure we remain at the forefront of kitchen design with successful project management. The Diploma awarded by Pronorm, includes several hours of training and working with the High Quality German Engineered products.

The training programme also includes a full factory tour seeing first-hand the superb attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process and the continual rigorous quality control checks.

Fully Qualified Advice

The Diploma along with numerous kitchen and CAD qualifications, as well as multiple years in the kitchen design and sales industry ensures that when you visit Just Kitchens this knowledge, experience and the associated benefits all go into producing you a bespoke kitchen design that is delivered with an exceptional service.

Other than the knowledge gained from the Pronorm diploma, one of the main benefits of regular manufacturer visits to the team and their customers is they continue to build even stronger relationships with their German manufacturers and counterparts. This allows them to work closely together and achieve the common goal of ensuring orders are processed and delivered correctly. The team can even produce one off pieces of furniture which may help solve an uncommon problem or help utilise a hard to reach space!

Qualifications Attained

The interior architects/ designers are fully trained and qualified, they always consider the client and users’ needs- how spaces function, building construction and how people interact with their environment.

Within the design process an interior architect is responsible for lighting, materials, sustainability and addressing building regulations within the overall design and aesthetics. Interior architecture is essential for our entire built environment – a house, an office, a school or a hospital – every building has a purpose.

The teams training and experience includes, building technology, architectural drawing techniques, using 2D and 3D industry-standard CAD and visualisation, the history of architecture and design, plus the essential skills of professional practice and design.

These are all applied into core creative design studio projects, our team have also entered prestigious competitions such as those offered by the Royal Society of Arts.